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I thought I’d make a page for exhibitions that I have visited, that I will like to attend. First of all I went to Munich in August, I particullary liked this gallery called LUMAS.  They had a great range of contemporary photographic works, drawings and paintings. My main interest would be photographic works.

Lumas Gallery catalogue  The Lumas Gallery catalogue – link to website http://www.lumas.com

Here is some examples of works that I’ve seen in Lumas Gallery,Munich.

Pep Ventosa, Spanish artist who focuses on using a digital medium and the may ways he can reconstruct- deconstruct photographic images. This is a collection of works by the artist- ”together dozens of snapshots to create an abstraction of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen”.

Pep Ventosa

Pep Ventosa

Pep Ventosa

Pep Ventosa

Link to artists website http://www.pepventosa.com/

Miki Takahashi

”Miki Takahashi Is a Japanese designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Her multimedia influences are apparent in her portraiture work, which combines photographs and digital art. Her series’ “inside “in urban sense” and “in nature sense” combine shadow, light, and various scenes creating images that are all reminiscent of a reflection on glass, but in a more intricate and expressive way, forcing the viewer to do a double take and more closely inspect the image” .

Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi

Exhibition visit to Glucksman Gallery in Cork. http://www.glucksman.org/




Recent trip to Glucksman gallery. Here is some of the works I like:

Estonian artist – Marko Maetamm : http://www.nettiehorn.com/01Marko_Maetamm.htm







Outside In – The Art of Inclusion 

Outside-In-master-logo-02 20/Sep/2013


The Art of Inclusion website here http://artofinclusion.org/ – name of artists participating can be found here.

I went to see this exhibition in Crawford Art Gallery last week. I thought it was brilliant- really inspired me- just before I went in I thought it will be another conceptual bullshit exhibition- piss on a page. I’m pretty open minded about everything but I have seen enough art that, well to be honest, has turned me off art. This exhibition however is a creation of work that consists of 50 artists working in supported studio settings. ‘The artwork demonstrates a mastery of materials and techniques that undermines the easy assumptions that are made about artists with a disability’. However this exhibition is ‘not a parallel ‘special art’ exhibition’. It is provocative, humorous and confident.  This exhibition is a must see.







Eileen Grey Exhibition Dublin IMMA





Georg Baselitz with one of his self-portraits at the Gagosian Gallery in London.

Germany divided: Baselitz and his generation

Group show including George Baselitz exhibition of prints/drawings at the British Museum until the 31st August 2014.

Featuring over 90 extraordinary drawings and prints, this exhibition explores how six key post-war artists redefined art in Germany on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

All the artists in this exhibition came originally from eastern Germany and migrated to the West, the majority before the borders were sealed in 1961. Some had trained in East Germany, but it was in the West that their careers were established. As a generation, they came out of the experience of growing up in the aftermath of a Germany defeated in the Second World War, and its subsequent partition in 1949.

Much of their work is informed by the sense of collective guilt experienced by the German people over its recent past, the country’s physical and psychological destruction, and the division of the country by two opposing ideologies – the democracies of the free West and the Communist system of the Soviet bloc.

These remarkable works on paper, on public display for the first time, are on loan from the private collection of Count Christian Duerckheim. Half of them are by Georg Baselitz, with the remainder by Markus Lüpertz, Blinky Palermo, A R Penck, Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter. 34 of the works in the exhibition, including 17 by Baselitz, have been generously donated to the British Museum by Count Duerckheim.

The gift includes a group of 11 drawings by Baselitz from 1960 to the late 1970s, together with prints from the same period. They cover the principal phases of his career from the Pandemonium drawings of the early 1960s, the development of his ironic ‘Heroes’ in the mid-1960s, and the subsequent fracturing of his motifs to the eventual inversion of the motif from the late 1960s.

Other works on display include Richter’s Pin-up and Installation drawings, the characteristic Ice Age-meets-cybernetics stick-figures of Penck, as well as sculptural drawings by Lüpertz and Palermo, and a drawing and sketchbook by Polke satirising the ‘economic miracle’ of post-war reconstruction in West Germany.

The donation completely transforms the Museum’s holdings of German post-war graphic art and enables the Museum to trace the history of drawings and printmaking in Germany from the time of Dürer to the present”. British Museum

leadimage_304x405 ‘Ein neuer type’ 1965, George Baselitz (1938)


Richard Hamilton Exhibition at the Tate Modern



Just what is it that makes today's homes so different? 1992 by Richard Hamilton 1922-2011

‘Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different? – 1992

My mother Lana Shuks who is also an artist recently had a exhibition at the Cork School of Music – she’s such an inspiration. Here is some of her work from the exhibition.


IMG_2296 copy

IMG_2297 IMG_2304 fb5

Scandinavian Chic. Oil on canvas. 110x140cm




Current exhibition inWandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, City / Deception and Sacrifice The Lion, the Bear & the Fox.



10274154_758629930844473_1303132600120731743_nEunkang Koh ‘Bubble Relationship’

10339956_758629890844477_6699884762225286799_nKathryn Polk ‘Broken


10270773_758629867511146_667702470800826742_nJohnny Bugler ‘The Banker


1782061_758629870844479_7877201326189655623_n Lynne Allen-Stand ‘less than a hair’s breath away’



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