Crits February 2014

I had my crits – where a group of four would get together for the day with two tutors and talk about critic each others work.

I was very happy with my feedback- currently in my studio I’m working on the concept of the Flâneur, French word for stroller or wanderer. In my work I try to represent this quality of the modern/contemporary life, just like the Impressionists did in the 19th century France- looking at the likes of Edouard Manet(1832), Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1941) and Edgar Degas (1834) who’s work I all adore, they tried to represent the modernity in Paris- all artists looked at leisure, modern fashion and concerts/bars. Like in this Renoir painting ‘Bal du Moulin de la Galette’ painted in 1876 and hangs in the musee d’Orsay. Image

In this painting Renoir is depicts a typical Sunday afternoon at the Mounlin de la Galette in the Montmarte district. In this painting we see working class Parisians in the late 19th Century Paris, dressed up and are spending time drinking, dancing and eating… so how much has changed?

Taking up the role as a flaneur I record and document the modern/present life around us today. From everything I see such as the rich, the poor, the young and the old. I record this modernity in drawing and I also record the overheard conversations that happend between people and that certain place I’m in.





The response of my work-


taking away the original form of drawing ( I scan small scale drawings from my sketchbook into big sizes and re-draw on them)

Try montage? or placing objects on the drawings before scanning- making more form/shape/3d- not so flat look.

Look up artists- Jockum Nordstram

Make more playful-colourful

Try narrative/a series of drawings? telling a story of certain individual who might represent the modern life




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