group seminar

last week 16/October/2013

we had a group seminar group- basically around 15 of us get together and discuss our work. When your work is being discussed the artist of that display is not allowed to comment at first. In the first 10 minutes of the seminar your fellow students will talk about

  • what they see/ describing the work
  • what they think you are trying to say/represent with your art
  • what you can do to develop/ research it more

In my work I want to look at the representation of moments in our society in a satire retrospective. I feel that people in the modern society are always in a rush, always too busy to just observe what’s around the urban environment- so while others are distracted and unobservant, in my sketches I want to show how if you slow down in life and observe the space and people around you, and you’ll find the humorous side of life.

In contrast to my photography I want to represent the reanimation of a moment- the idea of animating the movement/busyness and the moment of what its like to be in that place.

This is what I say about my work- but as the group the keywords from other students after observing my work was:

  • witty
  • humorous
  • sketches ‘of the moment’
  • fleeing glances caught in the street/urban society
  • the layering of the image/movement
  • no interaction with the people/only observation
  • the throwaway quality suits the subject matter

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 7


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