Inspiration blog! FucknFilthy

In my inspirations page I posted about the blog ‘FucknFilthy‘ – a blog that combines music, art , photography and fashion together- founded by Dubliner Josh Gordon. The blog includes photographers such as

  • Harry Mcnally
  • Tyrone Lebon
  • Neil Bedford
  • Terry Richardson
  • Thobias Faldt – and many more great and inspiring artists.

Go check it out right now!

”Fucknfilthy comprises a team of individuals that covers a spectrum of genre, identity & aesthetic. What began as an exploration into personal interest soon evolved into a collective representation of the very best in contemporary culture.

Providing a consociate view of photography, music, lifestyle & the arts through the celebration of like minded individuals and its own creative works, FucknFilthy tells a story through its own eyes, creating a unique perspective and its own, subjective truth”.

FucknFilthy also launched ‘Lookbook’ showing their own collection- get excited about this dude- his only getting started.



Photography by : Joshua Gordon

Model : Fergus Heathcote


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