wee introduction- 1st week of 4th Year

Today I’ve started 4th Year in CCAD, my final year of college..eek 

Each student has been asked to make a reflective journal/personal journal that should include all the  documination and recordings of all aspects relating to our studio practice. Basically it will cover the development of our work, contributions to discussions, feedbacks on seminars, visited exhibitions, talks I attendent (bit dyslexic and foreign so some mistakes will be made 🙂 ) screenings I’ve been. Well basically anything that helps me develop my work . I’ll also include my own images here, by artists I’m influenced by, websites I have visited that interested and so on. 

Recently I’ve been on a visit to Munich, Germany – just a week before I started college. So I will include some information about the exhibitions and gallery’s  I visited over there. 


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